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Why Us

Why we welcome you to Can Fin Homes ?

Because, We believe in Friendship Finance!

The popular proverb is “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Yes, our 27 years of existence itself is proof of our friendly relations with millions of customers across the country and abroad. Our increasing customer base year on year throughout the length and breadth of the nation, and the tremendous growth in business over the years, undoubtedly speaks for the fact that we are indeed friends of our customers. We strongly believe that a combination of personal, friendly and business relation will only pave the way for a strong bonding with our clientele. We therefore have immense pleasure in welcoming you to our fold as our esteemed customer, to enjoy our friendship finance.

Because, We believe in Transparency!

We strongly believe that, to maintain a healthy relation with the customers, we are bound to maintain the highest levels of transparency in our dealings.  Since inception in 1987, our forte has been maintaining transparency in our business and we continue to hold on to it at any cost, as we value our friendly relations with our customers the most. We welcome you to experience our transparent services and enjoy the benefits thereon, on your journey towards translating your dreams into reality.

Because, We believe in Ethical Practices!

We firmly believe in doing business without compromising ethics. We very well know that any business can survive in this world only by following certain business ethics. The presence of transparency & ethical practices in business will only vindicate the existence of any organization in this competent world. We understand that, a business done with moral values and principles will only sustain in the society and therefore will endure for long in the corporate world. Our successful existence of almost three decades itself, substantiates our claim of transparent & ethical practices followed by us. We welcome you to have a taste of the highest levels of ethical practices followed by us.

Because, We extend hassle free services!

We are aware of the fact that only by imparting hassle free services, we can withstand the fierce competition put forward by our peers. In order to keep the customers comfortable and friendly, we always strive to keep the paper work to the minimum and loan sanctioning formalities, less cumbersome. In order to refine our systems and services further, we also welcome valuable suggestions from our esteemed customers, as we consider them our friends who can guide us in refining our services and systems. We welcome you to experience our hassle free services and also to give us your valuable suggestions to refine them further, to suit your needs.

Because, We are there everywhere at your beck and call! 

Yes, we are there to serve you everywhere as we always believe in serving you better and faster. Our pan India network of more than 100 branches and satellite offices, manned by our energetic and enthusiastic employees, consider it a privilege to serve you, and to extend the best possible customer service. We welcome you to experience this top class customer service.

Because, We believe in the legacy of Canara Bank, our proud parent!

Our company is sponsored by Canara Bank, one of the largest nationalized banks in the country today. We believe in carrying forward the legacy of our proud parent, Canara Bank, in matters of business, customer service and corporate governance. We welcome you to experience this legacy from us, the proud child of the proud parent.

Because, We consider your needs as our own needs!

While serving the customers, we always give maximum importance to their needs and choices, as we consider their needs as our own. We always go an extra mile to understand the genuine needs of our customers, as the same is of utmost importance to connect to them and maintain & sustain a long standing healthy and friendly relation with them. We welcome you to enjoy this rare homely atmosphere which you can experience only from us.

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